F1 Paddles for Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel

Availability: Available now in limited quantities

How to Order: Email and we will add you to the waiting list and answer any questions you might have. No payment necessary until the shipping date.

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal

Installation Requirements: The F1 hand controls are simple to install. No tools required.

What’s Included
- F1Paddle unit with Coiled Cord and Carbon Fiber Gas/Brake paddles
- Mini Connector Box, Connector Cable, and Clutch Shunt
- Printed Instructions

$168 + shipping
(Hand Controls and Mini Connector Box)

The SimAbility paddles for the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel are almost ready for their April 2017 release! These paddles will be our most affordable and easiest to install product yet. They simply attach to the back of the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel with strong two-sided tape. We have pictures now, and product details are on the way.

Images (wheel and base not included)