Hand controls for sim racing

SimAbility makes hand controls for simulation racing gamers (sim racers) with disabilities who want to go beyond using gamepads but need alternatives to standard wheel-and-pedals setups.

Products overview

Paddle systems

Our most affordable line of products

  • Throttle paddle
  • Brake paddle

They should work great in most racing situations, but it can be difficult to get on the throttle exiting tight turns.

Ring systems

Our high-end category

  • Throttle ring
  • Brake ring
  • Comfortable to operate both controls at any steering angle
  • Usable with one hand

The only compromise is that the front ring can make it more difficult to use the buttons on the wheel.

Paddle-and-ring systems

Coming soon

Well, maybe not “soon”, but eventually…

  • Throttle ring
  • Brake paddle
  • Comfortable to operate the throttle at any steering angle (though the brake is only intended to be operated when the wheel is close to straight)
  • Ideal for drivers who prefer the operation of the paddle systems over the ring systems but want easier access to the throttle

You can learn more about these categories on our Products page.

System compatibility


Products with this icon will work on any system (PC/Xbox/PlayStation/etc.) supported by the original wheel and base. They work by emulating the wheel manufacture’s pedal set.

Products without the “console-compatible” icon will only work on PC games that support using multiple controllers at once.


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