SRW-S1 to Thrustmaster T300 Adapter

SHIPPING NOTE: Packaging and shipping for this product may take up to 5 to 7 days. We don't get many orders for these so they are typically assembled per order.

NOTE: Limited supply left. This product will be discontinued soon.

Warning: This product does not come with the threaded Thrustmaster adapter. You will need to remove the adapter from your stock Thrustmaster T300 type wheel and mount that adapter to the SimAbility adapter. Be sure that you can remove the threaded adapter from your Thrustmaster wheel before ordering. The adapter removed from the stock T300, Leather, and Ferrari wheels via three screws. I cannot be removed from the F1 and I don't know about the TX.

Description This product is intended for those who need to semi-permanently mount an SRW-S1 wheel to a Thrustmaster T300 type base. Such as those who require the use of analog throttle and gas paddles which are not provided on stock Thrustmaster wheels. This is not a quick change adapter and requires that you remove the Thrustmaster threaded adapter from one of the stock Thrustmaster "round" wheels (Note: The Thrustmaster F1 adapter cannot be removed and will not work). If you are looking for the F1 experience then I'd recommend the Thrustmaster F1 wheel, but if you require analog paddles of the SRW-S1, then this product is for you.

Here's how one customer used the adapter. LFS Forum:  (Big thanks to Bennie for the mention.)

What You Get

  • HPDE (High-density polyethylene) adapter puck that mounts securely to the Thrustmaster Threaded adapter. No modifications are necessary to the threaded adapter.
  • Black textured backplate that nicely blends with the SRW-S1 wheel. The place is CNC machined from 1/4” inch (6.35mm) HPDE (High-density polyethylene) which is a durable plastic used in marine applications. I also sell backplates separately if you prefer to build your own adapter.
  • All mounting screws including the difficult to find 2.2mm x 25mm stainless self-taping screws to mount the SRW-S1 to the backplate.
  • Instructions
  • Does not include the Thrustmaster base, SRW-S1 wheel, or the Thrustmaster threaded adapter.

Shipping Info - Due to Increased Shipping Costs

  • Domestic Shipping within the U.S. is approximately $9.95
  • International Shipping is approximately $19.95
  • International Shipping also has an option for Tracking for an additional cost.

A Little About the SimRaceway SRW-S1
If you don't already own a SimRaceway SRW-S1, then you should order that first and make sure you like it before ordering a SimAbility adapter. While it's a great wheel for the price, there are some drawbacks and common complaints.

  • If your handy with wiring, it's also possible to run the SRW-S1 USB cable through the Thrustmaster base. However, most customers just run the cable and let the wheel spin wildly, get your fingers out of the way of the paddles so that you don't break them.
  • The wheel is no longer in production. While it is still readily available, there is a chance it won't be if it fails
  • With all that said. I've owned a single SRW-S1 for at least 5 years and it's still working.

What To Do About The SRW-S1 USB Cable?
If your handy with wiring, it's also possible to run the SRW-S1 USB cable through the Thrustmaster base. However, most customers just run the cable externally being sure to leave enough slack in the cable that so that it can wrap around the adapter shaft when it rotates during initial calibration.

Instructions The adapter ships with instructions and you can:

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