Frequently Ask Questions

  • Question: What are my options for hand controls, other than joystick, gamepad, or keyboard?
    • Answer: This question really deserves a full page, which we are working on, but for now I’ll do my best to summarize here.
      • Outside of SimAbility there are not many options. If you have a significant budget then you can check with custom wheel builders such as Sam Maxwell and they can usually build something with two analog paddles, which are commonly used as to emulate the older F1 clutch system. For those on a budget, you can try to find a SimRaceway SRW-S1 and use that wheel on a stand or adapt it to a regular base. There are some other DIY options out there if you search.
      • As for SimAbility products, in 2017, our focus is on the Thrustmaster T300/TX bases. This is because they appear to be the best value at the moment and you don’t have to pay for pedals that you won’t use. The removable wheel is a big plus because it allows us to attach the hand controls to the wheel rim without ever modifying the base (as we would have to do with Logitech). Our most affordable and simplest to install product will be the paddles for the F1 wheel, next would be the paddles for the GT wheels, and then the GT Ring system  tends to be our top-of-the-line product, although some do prefer the paddles.

  • Question: AreSimAbility hand controls compatible with consoles?
    • Answer: One of our primary goals is to emulate the stock wheel and pedals so that we can retain the same compatibility that the manufacturer's base and wheel have with various games and consoles. Since we do not own all consoles and games available we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility, but so far all testing by us and our customers have been 100% successful.  So, for example, if you have a Thrustmaster TX base our hand controls should work on all PC games as well astheXbox One console. (I’ve personally verified this to be true). Same goes for the Thrustmaster T300 base which should work on all PC games as well as the PlayStation consoles it was designed to support.
      • NOTE 1: Consoles do not support the SRW-S1 and this is not a SimAbility product, we only provide hardware adapters.
      • NOTE 2: Consoles and some PC games will not support 3rd party controllers. If you modify your SimAbility hand controls to use a 3rd party controller you likely loose compatibility with Consoles as well as some PC games that do not allow advanced controller calibration.

  • Question: Do you make hand controls for Logitech G25, G27, and G29?
    • Answer: Due to high demand for Thrustmaster T300/TX base products, the planned G27 hand controls were never fully developed and are on hold for the moment. In one case we did adapted Thrustmaster GT Ring hand controls to a G29, and while it was very successful, it was more expensive in the end.  Once we catch up with the Thrustmaster demand, we will take a new look at the G25, G27, and G29 (920) options.

  • Question: Do you plan to make hand controls forFanatec and other wheels?
    • Answer: Yes, we eventually plan to make GT Ring hand controls for the ClubSport wheels and possibly high-end systems such as the AccuForce. However, the earliest anything would be available would be 2018 as we are focused now on just filling orders for Thrustmaster and Logitech products.

  • Question: Do you make any hand controls with load cell brakes?
    • Answer: Space and cost constraints make this a real challenge on hand controls, but we hope to explore this more in late 2017. I suspect we may be able to provide this on some of the high-end systems (AccuForce or even Fanatec) where we can get away with a little more weight and we have a little more space, between wheel and base, to work with. 

  • Question: Can I order a custom hand control build?
    • Answer: You can always ask and we love to hear what our customers are looking for.  If we have resources available we will consider anything.