imABLE iRacing League

Looking for a sim racing league focused on fun? A league open to all talent levels from advanced to beginner? A league that welcomes all sim racers even if your using a keyboard or gamepad? Then SimABLE might be the league for you.

All disabled racers, friends, and supporters are welcome to join. If you're not on iRacing, please consider giving it a try. They do an awesome job supporting our community. If you want to join, just search for "SIMABLE RACING LEAGUE" and select "join". All talent levels welcome!

Disabled racers and friends. Every talent level welcome and we run on a mix of road and oval. This is a league to gather and talk among other disabled racers, friends, and family. Don't expect serious racing here. There are many other leagues for that sort of stuff. No incident limits and unlimited fast repairs.

1. Don't blatantly wreck people or speak badly. That's not cool.
2. If you get wrecked, don't worry about it. In fact, find the humor in it!
3. It's okay to chat. That's kind of the point here. Just don't say bad things or chat so extensively that someone's head explodes. That's not cool.
4. Expect a wide variety of talents and general carnage. Consider it a challenge, or training for rush hour in your local town.
5. No debris cautions with 10 laps to go, unless the race is being broadcast, and then it's mandatory.
6. League managers can, and probably will, make up the rules as we go.