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December 14, 2017

The SRW-S1 to G27, SRW-S1 to T300, and SRW-S1 backplates are all back in stock. Orders are completed and shipped for the F1 paddles for Thrustmaster wheels. Orders received before Sep. 2017 for GT Paddles and Rings are done and shipped. This leaves several orders for GT Paddles and GT Rings that I'm working on will fulfil in 2018. Products for Fanatec and DD wheels are getting closer to reality. Same goes for the shifter mounted clutch. More info coming in January.

October 08, 2017

Not much to report except that I am still hard at work filling GT Ring for Thrustmaster orders for 2017. Any new requests received for Rings, Paddles, or SRW adapters will most likely not be filled until well into 2018 as I'm focused on completing orders from earlier this year. Sorry for the delay, but if you are interested in a product please send me your information and I will get you on the list.

August 17, 2017

The GT Paddles were completed and shipped in early July and work is well underway on the GT Ring systems. I've even got a couple of them shipped out already. That's the good news. The reality is the GT Ring systems take an immense amount of time so it's going to be another month or more before those are all completed and shipped. After that, I'll be diving into the G27 paddles systems again. No promises, but I do hope to have something available for the G27 late this year. Simple and affordable is the goal for the G27 (and possibly G25).

June 07, 2017

Work has begun on the GT Paddles and I hope to have those orders filled by the end of June. I've increased the size of the batch so it's taking longer than expected. Next up will be the next batch of GT Rings V2 for Thrustmaster wheels.

April 27, 2017

All pre-orders for the F1 paddles have been completed. I do have a couple units left so please email me if you are interested. Work has begun on the GT Paddles now and I hope to have those orders filled by the end of May or early June at the latest.

March 27, 2017

Well the restock of SRW-S1 G27 adapters did not last long. Unfortunately all SRW-S1 adapters are sold out but I do plan to make more. First, I need to fill pending orders for the Thrustmaster F1 paddles and on that subject, the new prototype is completed and we've been testing for the last week. We're still making a few minor tweaks and improvements, but here are a couple pictures of the prototype. We expect to begin filling orders mid-April.


March 6, 2017

SimAbility is ramping back up! The SRW-S1 to G27 adapters are back in stock and the others should be available again in April.

Priority number one is to finish designing, testing, and refining the new F1 Paddles for Thrustmaster F1 wheels. Early prototypes are looking very promising and I feel that we are on track to fill those initial F1 orders in April. 

Next up will be the GT Paddles for Thrustmaster wheels, followed by another batch of GT Rings for Thrustmaster wheels. 

February 15, 2017

Due to illness, SimAbility manufacturing will be closed until at least March 2017. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The GOOD news is that my heart surgery recuperation is going well and SimAbility will be back in full operation in March 2017. During recuperation, I’ve been working on documentation and the website. Boring stuff, but it was long overdue! I’m also working on the design of the new F1 Paddles for Thrustmaster wheels and looking forward to cutting parts and testing in March.

The F1 paddles will be first priority because some customers have been waiting over 6 months for these. At the same time, we’ll be making a small batch of SRW-S1 to G27 adapters to fill that backlog.
Next on the list will be another batch of GT Paddles for Thrustmaster wheels, followed by another batch of GT Rings for Thrustmaster wheels.

Thank You,
Glenn Sidman

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