SimAbility Racing LeagueFun, casual races for sim racers of all abilities

Join our iRacing leagueΒ to take part at 7pm Eastern Time every Wednesday night. All skill levels are welcome.

The SimAbility Racing League runs fun series on Wednesday nights!

Come on in and join the fun! (iRacing membership required)

Note: The above button will take you to the league’s page on the Classic Membersite.

Please use the SimAbility Racing League Facebook group to keep up-to-date, and chat on the Discord server.

Our supporters

Action Sports Foundation
The Wise Guyz

About the SimAbility Racing League

We’re a casual league open to sim racers with disabilities and their friends and supporters of all abilities. Our members have a wide range of abilities and skill levels. This is a place to gather and have fun, with little need to worry about race-ending damage (4 fast repairs) or incident limits.

Our (simple!) rules

  • Expect a wide variety of abilities. We’re all doing the best we can. Accidents might happen. Consider it a challenge, or use it as training for rush-hour traffic 😁.
  • If you get wrecked, don’t worry about it. Try to find humor in it!
  • Don’t blatantly wreck people or speak badly. That’s not cool.
  • It’s OK to chat. That’s kind of the point here. Just don’t say bad things or talk so much that someone’s head explodes.
  • The admins won’t do annoying things. No random yellow flags here!
  • We can β€” and probably will β€” make stuff up as we go.

Finding the league and sessions in the iRacing UI

  1. If you’re not in the (new) iRacing UI already, one way to get there is by clicking the big “Go Racing” button on the Classic Membersite.
  2. Select “Leagues.” There’s a big button on the home screen for this, but you can always access it from the sidebar by clicking the “3 lines” icon at the top left or moving your mouse all the way to the left of the screen.
  3. If you’ve already registered for the league and been accepted, you should see it under “My Leagues” in the sidebar. If not, you can use “Find a League” to search for it.
  4. Once you’re on the SimAbility Racing League page, all our upcoming sessions will appear in the “Sessions” tab.