Answers to the most common questions about SimAbility and hand controls

No, but we used to (though they were never fully developed). The G27, with its minimalistic design, provided a lot of space to work with. With the added buttons on the G29, G920, and G923 this is no longer the case. We did make a ring system for the G29 as a custom request, but it was not practical to produce for the reason stated previously.

However, the PRO Racing Wheel looks to be a more promising product to work with, thanks to the removable wheel rim with included clutch paddles. Even for the other Logitech wheels, there are options we may consider pursuing such as paddles on the front of the wheel that could be pushed instead of pulled. We have nothing to announce at this time, though

We have a blog post on this topic: “List of Sim Racing Hand Controls (Other Than SimAbility).” The Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 is an especially good choice because it’s relatively affordable and we offer products to improve the experience of using the clutch paddles as throttle and brake.

Our products are already highly customizable, but don’t hesitate to contact Glenn if you want something else. He’ll message you back and let you know if he has the time to take on the project. Custom projects can take up to a year to design and build.

If you already have a different wheel that you’d like to use, feel free to ask in your email message if you can ship it to us. In fact, this is how we sometimes develop new products! Creating a USB-based solution for direct-drive wheels on PC looks particularly promising, as our products for Fanatec wheels are already designed to be strong enough to handle the Podium DD1/DD2 wheel bases.

Not currently. Reliability is the main concern here. We’re not confident that such a system would work well for everyone. Larger companies have the necessary resources to support products that may not be fully reliable: we don’t. We’ll consider selling a load-cell product once we are confident that it will work with little failure. Otherwise, we’ll very likely offer it as a kit for DIY builders. We’ll include the instructions and most of what you need but let you buy the other components from the original manufactures. That way you can get support from them if you need it.

However, our enhanced braking system is the next best thing. The extra adjustability provided means that it’s possible to configure it in a way where it’s easier to modulate the braking force. The progressive resistance should feel somewhat similar to high-end pedals.

Just be aware that because we are not actually using a load cell, the amount of force required increases as the progressive rubber gets heavier. (When using a load cell, the amount of force required is consistent regardless of the amount of pedal travel or stiffness.) To achieve a response that is more similar to a load cell (and truer to the game’s physics), you can increase the “brake force factor” or “brake gamma” setting in-game to a value above the minimum or decrease the “brake sensitivity” setting in-game to below halfway if the game provides one of these options. This will help counteract that behavior.

Our console-compatible products work by emulating the wheel manufacture’s pedals. So if your wheel/hub and base are compatible, nothing changes! No conversion devices are needed. Of course, we can’t test every system and game, but we have verified this to be true for the Thrustmaster TX on the original Xbox One and the Thrustmaster T300 and Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base+ on the PS4 Pro.