A First Look at a Ring System for Fanatec Wheels

We’re working on supporting Fanatec wheels by using their existing Podium Advanced Paddle Module!

Push ring on a Fanatec wheel

December 2021 update: This will probably be our second product for Fanatec wheels rather than our first. A paddle system for the CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 (and hopefully also the V1) will likely release sooner.

Several of you have asked us if our paddles or rings will be coming to Fanatec and Logitech wheels. Today, we are proud to answer one of those questions by sharing an early SimAbility concept making use of the Podium Hub and Podium Advanced Paddle Module!

As you may know, the Podium Advanced Paddle Module can already be set to a gas/brake mode, turning the clutch paddles into hand controls for sim racers with disabilities. We’ve created a version of our ring system the operates these paddles instead of using our own electronics.

A demonstration of our mechanism, showing how pushing the front ring pulls the right paddle.

(This particular build was made for a real racing driver, so the throttle is on the front to match the real car.)

There are several interesting advantages of this setup when compared to our previous electronic systems:

  • There is no coiled cord to plug in (and no risk of the cord getting caught or coming loose).
  • You can buy the paddles in advance and start enjoying them as-is until your SimAbility order arrives.
  • Some of you may primarily use pedals but need to switch to hand controls when fatigue sets in. Most games don’t let you map the same action to multiple controllers, requiring complex software tricks to get it working. But this setup can operate simultaneously with a set of Fanatec pedals!

This particular build only works on the Podium Hub. (It is a one-off for a real racing driver.) However, much of the engineering behind it should be applicable to upcoming SimAbility products.

And while the Podium Hub’s console compatibility is somewhat limited, the Podium Advanced Paddle Module works on a few other Fanatec products that are great for console racers. As we work toward turning this one-off into a product you can buy, we hope to support more of the Fanatec ecosystem. (Next on our list is probably the ClubSport Universal Hub.)

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “A First Look at a Ring System for Fanatec Wheels

  1. I’m super excited about this idea. About to pull the trigger on a DD1, Advanced Paddle Module, and wheel (not sure which wheel yet).
    I’m concerned about the fatigue of keeping my hands in the exact same place over the course of a race to use the analog paddles on the Advanced paddle module, and I think this would be fantastic.

    1. Hi Justin,

      Nice! I think the rings will help in that situation. For a wheel, I would recommend something that goes on the Podium Hub since that will be the first one we support (and even that is a long way off). Please note that the Podium Hub doesn’t work on Xbox, however. Fanatec has some bundles with a rim and the Podium Hub, and many of these also include the Advanced Paddle Module (like this Porsche bundle). We’d love to support more of the Fanatec products that work with the Advanced Paddle Module (like the ClubSport Universal Hub), but we won’t know for sure if it is practical to build around one until we get access to it, so the Podium Hub is the only one that we can guarantee will be compatible at this time.


  2. When ring system is coming sale on fanatec, now i have, fanatec mclaren gt3, with analog paddles, but is not that good to drive. I have t300 ring system and i like it much more than analog system

    1. Hello Petri. We’re working on improved paddles for the Fanatec McLaren GT3 that may be out as soon as March. We’ve been working on a full ring system for the Fanatec Advanced Paddle Module for a while now but still have lots of work before they meet our standards. No firm date, but hopefully by late 2022.

  3. I have a Logitech G29 wheel with the pedals but my legs are getting weaker. I like the g29 and would love to stay with it but they offer barely nothing for making wheel accessible for me unless you maybe have some ideas.

    But I’m at a point that I want to buy a thrustmaster or fanatec base and want to use the ring system down the road when it’s available again.

    Is there anyway you could help me out with the most cost effective way of doing this

  4. Buenas tardes me gustaria saber si hay alguna novedad sobre el tema de los aros para poder acelerar y frenar desde el volante ya que mi primo es minusvalido y ando loco con este sistema.
    Gracias y un cordial saludo

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