Preview of Products for Fanatec Wheels

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  1. This is amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this. I had been looking for adaptive equipment for what felt like forever, when I found the Fanatec GT-DD bundle in December of 2021. In reaching out to them to see if the APM would work with the GT wheel, and telling them what I needed, they told me about the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, and that would do all the things I needed it to, or at least all i could think of at the time. After several months now I am still greatful for what it allows me to do, but still feeling like, with some mods, this could be really dialed in….so this morning I’m making a new livery for a car in GT7, and I find a decal for SimAbility….I had no idea that this is where it would lead me.
    My apologies for the proceeding “story hour”, I just want to say thank you for what you’re doing, first and foremost.
    But additionally, I am definitly interested in acquiring the full setup for the Mclaren GT3 V2 wheel, cause I may be able to afford that. But would also like to know more about how the ring system is coming along, and if you have an idea of a price point, although I don’t have a round wheel or the APM yet, so I cant even start thinking about that.
    Let me get back on track here….
    When you have the time, would you please, update me with any info you are willing to on the McLaren GT3 V2 rig (ie possible date you will begin accepting orders, and estimated price point).
    I look forward to hearing from you, at your convenience. Thank you again for what you’re doing.

    1. Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the comment, kind words, and I’m happy that the Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel has been helping you out. Having a major manufacture add that functionality was a big step forward for accessibility, and hopefully, we can help you go to the next level. We’d hoped to have the GT3 Full Paddles available by now, but as usual, there are delays. Now we are looking at going live on the website possibly on September 25th with both the Full Paddles and the simple Paddle Extenders. I’ve not been entirely happy with the brake functionality on the ring system so that’s going to be delayed for many months and all focus has turned to getting the paddles going.

      Glenn Sidman

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