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I’m having a blast with my SimAbility Fan-MGT3 Paddles Pro. My iRating has gone up about 400 in the past couple of weeks and I’ve noticed a genuine difference in my pace. Not so much faster over one lap but much more consistent, and easier on my tyres without the randomness of distance braking and locking up! Particularly in cars without ABS I’m noticing a difference, so I just want to say thanks a lot and it’s made a genuine difference to my sim racing!

Ben Warren

I love my SimAbility Fan-MGT3 Paddles Pro. My previous wheel did not have force feedback, but this product has allowed me to upgrade to quality gear. Being able to “feel” the virtual car has opened a whole new world. Plus, there is a tension adjustment for the firmness of the brake paddle. When combined with VR, the immersion is unmatched for someone like me who cannot use their legs to press pedals. While I cannot measure how much my driving has improved, I know it has been significant. But the most important part is that using this setup is just so much fun. Thank you, SimAbility!

Steven Kiefer