TM-F1 Paddlesfor Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel (not the SF1000)

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Compatibility Update: We’ve received customer confirmation that our TM-GT Paddles are compatible with the T818, and we don’t know of any reason why this product would not also work.

Throttle-and-brake hand-control paddles for the T300/TX

Please review the “Compatibility” section before buying.

T300/TX only

$178.00 $211.00

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Installation requirements

These are our simplest hand controls to install. You don’t need any tools, just some strong, two-sided tape.

What’s included

  • Paddles unit with coiled cord and carbon-fiber gas/brake paddles
  • Connector box and connector cable
  • Printed instructions

Features and benefits

Minimal modifications

You won’t have to modify the T300/TX base. This ensures that you won’t void the warranty for this expensive component. All modifications are done to the wheel itself.

No loss of functionality or system compatibility

All the standard buttons on the Thrustmaster wheel and base continue to work. These hand controls emulate Thrustmaster pedals, so the Xbox compatibility of the TX and the PlayStation compatibility of the T300 remain intact.

Long lifespan

We use Hall-effect sensors, which never wear out or get dirty.

Adjustable paddle positions

Adjustable full-on and full-off paddle stops allow you to tune the paddle positions to your preference. (There are some limitations since you need to retain a minimum amount of paddle travel for the Thrustmaster controller to recognize the input.) Slots also allow for inward and outward adjustability.

Precise, two-stage braking

We use a simple adjustable Polyurethane rubber allowing you to dial in that sweet spot. The adjuster simply moves the rubber in or out changing the point at which it contacts the standoff pin. The pin can either be in a soft or hard position. We install the adjuster on the paddle of your choice, but you can switch sides latter latter with minimal effort.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 4 in
Braking system

Paddle material

Carbon fiber


Allegro A1302 5V Hall-Effect




The PC/console compatibility of the Thrustmaster products is not changed.

Thrustmaster base support

Ferrari 458 Italia (Xbox 360)No1
Ferrari 458 Spider Racing WheelNo1
Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing WheelNo1
Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend EditionNo1
T818Please see update at top of page.
T-GT (original)Unknown (but we suspect note 3 applies)
T-GT IIUnknown (but we suspect note 3 applies)
TS-XWUnknown (but we suspect note 3 applies)

Thrustmaster formula-style wheel support

Steering wheelCompatible?
Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On
(also included with the Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500)
Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 EditionNo
TM Open Wheel Add-On
(also included with the TS-PC Racer)
  1. The product cannot be installed because the wheel is not detachable.
  2. The large paddle shifters on the base will cause problems, but it might work if you can find a way to remove them.
  3. Unsupported because the wheel spins quickly during calibration and may damage the coiled cord (though SimAbility products will fit)


1 review for TM-F1 Paddlesfor Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel (not the SF1000)

  1. mmcclellan (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these paddles to anyone who cannot use standard foot pedals and wants to be faster.
    I’m paraplegic and have been using the F1 Simability paddles over a week now. The paddles are very solid and ergonomically positioned with the F1 wheel’s  gear shift paddles and are near even while gas/brake paddles are being pressed so I don’t have to reach to shift while braking. Downshifting while braking into turns is a breeze. I’ve easily transitioned from automatic to manual transmission shaving off even more time. I assumed the gas paddle was going to be my favorite option but the brake paddle is excellent. The paddle springs have mild  resistance allowing me long playtime.
    The T300 base and F1 wheel have a fast spin during calibration on PS4 on-sleep and bootup causing the connector cable that connects the paddles to the wheel neck to get wrapped around the wheel base neck. Now I take 2 seconds and simply disconnect the paddle connector cable from the wheel neck when I’m taking break or finished racing. Not a problem.

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