Spring Tension Kit for GT Paddles


Spring Tension Kit for SimAbility TM-GT Paddles for Thrustmaster TX/300 wheels.

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The Spring Tension Kit for GT Paddles allows you to add additional spring tension to your SimAbility GT Paddles (AKA Standard Paddles). The stock GT Paddle spring tension, by design, is equivalent to the old SRW-S1 wheels. While this is ideal for those with some limited hand functionality, many of our customers have requested much stiffer springs and we’ve finally found a practical way to provide that.

The adjustable Spring Tension Kit allows you to increase paddle spring tension to as much as approximately 40 oz. / 1.1 kg which is comparable to the Fanatec’s GT3 clutch paddles which are generally considered too stiff for long use. You’ll probably find your sweet spot somewhere below that number, and you’ll likely find better performance by setting the brake tension higher than your throttle tension. This is simple to accomplish with the adjustable spring tension.

Please view our video for more detail and an overview of the installation process.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .25 in


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